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Dozens of maps for every state and territory ensure you always know where you are, and where to go next.

State view. Regional views. Interurban views. Suburban views. Metro street views.

Accurate, detailed maps are the key to good planning and an enjoyable trip. All of the
maps in Australia Free have been prepared to exacting standards by professional

cartographers, and set a new benchmark for clarity and detail for travel guidebooks.

Further, all of our maps and locations are meticulously cross-referenced with icons

and location numbers, so you can see at a glance what FREE activities or FREE

accommodation options are available in your vicinity or en route.

What's inside the book?

FREE Places To Stay   

Hundreds of camping grounds which have not previously been formally documented.

Free things to do   

Activities, Adventures, Sights, Landmarks, Tours, Museums, Galleries, Markets and Parks and Gardens

GPS coordinates   

Checked and re-checked, our precise GPS coordinates ensure you’re always where you’re supposed to be.


Images Of Locations   

Every location in Australia Free has been visited and photographed by Mike!

Over 470 Pages   

Hundreds Of Free Rest And Camp Areas Hundreds Of Free Activities Includes, Maps, Photographs And More!

Custom icons   

Australia Free let you know, at-a-glance, all manner of information vital to the budget (or or not-so-budget) traveller.

Images From The Book!

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Mike Koch

Australia Free Author

Mike’s personal recommendations.
There’s nothing to compare with advice from someone who has actually been there before you. This is not a collection of hearsays and rumours: Mike has personally visited and documented each and every site and attraction cited.


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